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Ludwig Straub

  • 2023–2024
  • Social Sciences
  • Katherine Hampson Bessell Fellow
  • Harvard University
Portrait of Ludwig Straub
Photo by Tony Rinaldo

Ludwig Straub is a macroeconomist at Harvard University. His main research focus is on building and simulating macroeconomic models that allow for heterogeneity among households, such as in income or wealth. One of his recent studies links the 40-year decline in real interest rates to the secular increase in income inequality.

At Radcliffe, Straub is working on developing a new, highly disaggregated system of national accounts that measures the economic experiences of individuals at a much finer level than previously possible.

Straub’s work has been published widely in such academic journals as the American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. He is a recipient of the AQR Asset Management Institute Young Researcher Award and the Kiel Institute’s Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs, and he participated in the REStud Tour 2018.

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