Radcliffe Fellowship: Overview of Financial Support

Radcliffe fellows receive a stipend and may be eligible for financial support for child care, health insurance, and relocation expenses. Below is an overview of the financial support available to fellows for the 2023–2024 academic year.

Please e-mail HarvardRadcliffeFellowship@radcliffe.harvard.edu for additional information.


For the 2023–2024 academic year, fellows will receive a stipend in the amount of $78,000 plus an additional $5,000 to cover project expenses.

If instructed, Harvard Radcliffe Institute will pay the stipend to the fellow’s US-based home institution. The stipend should be allocated entirely for salary and fringe benefits while the faculty member is in residence as a fellow at Harvard Radcliffe Institute. The Institute does not allow overhead to be charged on these payments. If the fellow’s home institution is not US-based, the stipend will be paid directly to the fellow.


Housing and moving allowances are available to eligible fellows and dependent family members who relocate to the Boston area for the purpose of the fellowship.

Housing Allowance

  • Single, married, or partnered fellow:
    $5,220 per fellowship year
  • Fellow with 1 child*:
    $6,580 per fellowship year
  • Fellow with 2 or more children*:
    $7,940 per fellowship year

*Accompanying children must be 18 or younger as of June 30 preceding the fellowship year.

Moving Allowance

The fellowship program offers an allowance for moving expenses, to offset some of the expenses incurred by fellows to relocate to the Greater Boston and Cambridge area for the purpose of the fellowship and to return home at the end of the fellowship.

The moving allowance is based on the travel starting point of the fellow and the number of eligible accompanying family members.

Child Care

Funds are available in the following amounts to help eligible fellows cover the costs of child care for accompanying family members through sitters, nannies, licensed daycare, and/or after-school programs for the time period of September through May.

  • 1 child age 12** or younger:
    up to $2,840 per fellowship year
  • 2 children 12** or younger:
    up to $3,970 per fellowship year
  • 3 or more children 12** or younger:
    up to $5,100 per fellowship year
  • Additional funds for child aged 3** or younger:
    up to $7,940 per fellowship year
  • Additional funds for child aged 4–6** years:
    up to $5,100 per fellowship year

All figures are per fellowship year and subject to change.

**Age as of June 30 preceding the fellowship year.

The child care funds will be reduced by half for single-semester fellowships.

Health Care

Harvard Radcliffe Institute encourages fellows to have comprehensive health care coverage for the duration of the fellowship year. US citizens and permanent US residents are expected to retain their current insurance through their US-based home institutions. Fellows on J visas are required to maintain health insurance in accordance with J Scholar Visa regulations for themselves and all dependents for the entirety of their stay in the US.

Due to the high cost of medical care in the US, Harvard Radcliffe Institute strongly suggests that fellows on J visas carry medical coverage that exceeds the US Department of State’s minimum requirements. Harvard Radcliffe Institute will provide eligible fellows a health care stipend that will cover the full cost of insurance premiums in Radcliffe’s recommended health and dental care plans. Fellows eligible to receive the health care stipend will also receive assistance in navigating the health insurance enrollment process.***

***For the purposes of administering the health care stipend, eligible fellows are those on a J Scholar Visa and US citizen or permanent US resident fellows who do not have the option to retain their current health insurance.