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9 to 5

The national grassroots organization 9 to 5, the National Association of Working Women, works to strengthen women’s ability to win economic justice. 

Group of people at 9to5 rally for John Hancock action
Jewell, Jane. 9to5 rally for John Hancock action, 1981 August 26. Additional records of 9 to 5, National Association of Working Women (U.S.). Hollis #: 8000982162

The association was founded in Boston in 1972 by Ellen Cassedy and Karen Nussbaum, then secretaries at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They expanded their scope nationwide in 1977 with headquarters in Cleveland. The focus of 9 to 5 is educating women workers on their workplace rights and promoting policy change on such issues as welfare reform, pay equity, sexual harassment, family leave, and workplace discrimination. While originally focused on women clerical workers, over time, 9 to 5 expanded its work on behalf of low-wage women, women in traditionally female jobs, and those who have experienced any form of discrimination. Records of the national organization and Milwaukee chapter are held at the Schlesinger.


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