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Eunice P. Howe

Eunice P. Howe (born 1918)—a lawyer, consumer-affairs advocate, and Republican Party activist—was the youngest person ever appointed assistant attorney general in Massachusetts when she took the job in 1942.

Formal portrait of Eunice Howe
Formal portrait of Eunice Howe. Eunice P. Howe Papers. Hollis #: 8001214522

In addition to serving as assistant attorney general in Massachusetts, Howe went on to serve in the Naval Reserves and was president of the Brookline Women’s Republican Club and a Republican National Committeewoman for Massachusetts (1968–1976). In 1970, she was appointed by Richard Nixon to the President’s Consumer Advisory Council.  

Howe’s collection reflects her work for the Republican Party and her professional career, including her efforts at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to enable women to be listed in telephone books under their own names. 


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