Fellows' Presentation

Fellows' Presentations by Esra Akcan and Sawako Kaijima

Fellow's Presentation

Part of the 2019–2020 Fellows' Presentation Series

Lectures by Esra Akcan RI '20, “Right to Heal: Architecture in Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Societies” 

and Sawako Kaijima RI '20, “Representation and Materialization of Interdisciplinary Matter”

Free and open to the public.


Esra Akcan. Photo by Tony RinaldoEsra Akcan. Photo by Tony RinaldoDuring her time at Harvard, Esra Akcan is researching her next book project, which will explore architecture’s role in transitional justice after intense upheavals and internal conflicts, such as state violence, environmental disasters, civil wars, ethnic cleansing, and economic meltdown. This book will both critically examine opportunistic responses to crises that foreclose the right to heal and pinpoint best practices that move toward a more meaningful reconstitution.

Sawako Kaijima. Photo by Tony RinaldoSawako Kaijima. Photo by Tony RinaldoSawako Kaijima is working on two projects: one looking at traditional crafts in light of digital technologies in collaboration with craft artists, and the other a volumetric data representation project in collaboration with neuropsychiatrists. Both projects utilize technology as a vehicle for knowledge integration that could influence contemporary design thinking and its materialization.