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Arriving at the Junction of Statistics and Biology: My Journey

  • Wednesday, March 8, 2023
    12 PM ET
  • Online on Zoom
Jingyi Jessica Li
Photo by Tony Rinaldo

A presentation from 2022–2023 Helen Putnam Fellow Jingyi Jessica Li

Li is an interdisciplinary expert in statistics and genomics. She is a professor in the Department of Statistics (primary) and the Departments of Biostatistics, Computational Medicine, and Human Genetics (secondary) at UCLA. She leads a research group called the Junction of Statistics and Biology, where she and her students focus on developing statistical and computational methods to answer important questions in biological and biomedical sciences and to extract key information from genomics and health-related data. 

During her talk, Li will share personal and professional experiences that illustrate why she became fascinated with biology and then statistics. She'll talks about examples that highlight the importance of statistical thinking and its application to biomedical research. 

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