Climate Policy Accelerator Workshops

Announced in May 2023 at the University’s inaugural Climate Action Week, the Global Empowerment Meeting (GEM) Incubation Fund supports emerging research that strives to find solutions to the pressing climate challenges of our time.

In partnership with the Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Radcliffe Institute’s new Climate Policy Accelerator Workshop program provides funding to scholars and practitioners to propel original research and bold ideas toward a specific outcome—a scholarly publication, a grant application, a course curriculum, or a concrete policy recommendation—at the heart of the climate crisis.

With an eye toward accelerating the development and spread of innovative policy ideas concerning action to address climate change, especially climate justice, this workshop program brings participants together to refine their work as they prepare for dissemination and implementation.

Applications are currently being accepted. Please apply through the application portal. Applications are due Monday, August 14, 2023, at 8:59 AM ET.

  • This funding is to support intensive, one- to two-day, invitation-only, in-person workshops, to be held between September 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024.
  • Workshops will be hosted on the Harvard Radcliffe Institute campus, subject to health and safety guidelines.
  • Workshops can accommodate approximately 12–16 participants, subject to budgetary limitations.
  • To be eligible, each proposal must be submitted by no more than two co-applicants and satisfy both of the following criteria:
    a) GEM participation: At least one applicant was a registered participant at the GEM23 conference.
    b) Harvard faculty: At least one applicant is a Harvard ladder faculty member (tenured or tenure track, including Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine instructors). Harvard Law School clinical (full) professors and Harvard Kennedy School lecturers, senior lecturers, and professors of the practice are also eligible.
  • Applications are peer reviewed.

  • Reflect research already underway that would benefit from a range of perspectives and the neutral setting available at Radcliffe
  • Aim to produce a defined outcome at the conclusion of the program (e.g., a publication, a grant application, a course curriculum, or a concrete policy recommendation)
  • Invite a diverse range of participants and stakeholders to the discussion
  • Integrate senior and junior scholars (and practitioners) from institutions in the greater Boston area, across the United States, and around the world
  • Radcliffe supports engaged scholarship. We welcome proposals that connect climate change research to public policy and seek to actively engage audiences beyond academia.
  • We welcome proposals relevant to the Institute’s focus area in climate change and climate justice.

Monday, August 14, 2023, at 8:59 AM ET

We strongly encourage interested applicants to attend a virtual information session to learn more about the aims of the Climate Policy Accelerator Workshop program and the application process. Sign up via Calendly. Sessions will be held on the following dates:

  • Monday, July 17, 2 PM ET
  • Wednesday, July 26, 4 PM ET

Applicants unable to attend one of these sessions should e-mail Don Tontiplaphol, associate director of Academic Ventures and Engagement, at to receive supplementary information helpful for the application process.

Please contact Don Tontiplaphol, associate director of Academic Ventures and Engagement, at