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Spring 2023

Illustration that shows vaguely human figures on either side of a stylized divide that has a hole through which they talk.
A two-day conference at Radcliffe explored topics central to the abortion debate, bringing together participants with different views and areas of expertise for civil discourse. Illustration by Melissa Rico/Harvard Radcliffe Institute
A stylized illustration of human forms of indeterminate gender, seen from behind, their arms around each other.

Love and Storytelling

For the writer and activist Jennifer Finney Boylan, there’s a clear path to people’s hearts—and to a future without fear.

What Will Prevail

Life after Roe

Despite entrenched divisions, experts on both sides of the abortion debate gathered at Radcliffe to illuminate the nuances of the issue—and perhaps find common ground.

Talking across the Divide
People hold signs with opposing views in front of a court building.
The peaked top of the Radcliffe Day tent seen through lush green branches.

Radcliffe Day 2023 in Photos

On Radcliffe Day 2023, we gathered to honor a leader who has dedicated her life to providing healthcare to the poorest and most vulnerable communities. See a photo essay of the event.

Considering Women and Global Health

Who + Why

01 / 03
Photo of Kiwanga Kapwani

Informed by the Archives

When deciding the direction of new works, the artist Kapwani Kiwanga lets the past speak to her.

Read about Kiwanga's Work in Progress


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23 04 28 Niemiecs Portrait Photo Lou Jones Web Copy

Search for Scientific Knowledge—from Wayfinding to Exoplanets—Sparks New Giving

As alums, the Niemiecs have long felt a loyalty to Harvard and Radcliffe. But it was the Institute’s science programming that captured their curiosity—and inspired their support.

Why They Chose Radcliffe
A woman performer wearing a furry black costume crouches onstage, hands splayed in front of her in a protective manner. Behind her, a woman earing a headset and a long braid casually walks behind her, large paper skirts in the background.


In Newsmakers, read about the extraordinary achievements of Radcliffe alumnae, faculty, and fellows—including awards, publications, and other accomplishments.

Spring 2023