Rama S. Mehta Lecture

The Rama S. Mehta Lecture at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study was established by Catherine Atwater Galbraith, John Kenneth Galbraith, and the Mehta family, in memory of Rama S. Mehta. Each event includes a distinguished woman in public affairs, the sciences, or the arts who has a deep understanding of the challenges of women in developing countries.

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Rama S. Mehta Lecture by Elisa Loncón Antileo

Harvard Radcliffe Institute is pleased to welcome Elisa Loncón Antileo to deliver the Rama S. Mehta Lecture for 2022–2023. In 2021, Loncón was elected as one of the representatives of the Mapuche people to the Chilean Constitutional Convention, and was then named the Convention’s first president (July 2021–January 2022).

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(Why) Reporting the Voices of African Women and Girls Matters

An all-purpose Africa reporter, National Public Radio’s Ofeibea Quist-Arcton is often to be found—in open-air markets, on the front line, in the boardroom, in educational institutions, in urban and village settings, in creative spaces and sacred places—listening to women and girls talk about the continent, the world, and what matters to them. And to us all.

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What Tomorrow? A Day in the Life of an Arab Woman

Public health research in Arab countries is growing and is providing critical knowledge despite tremendous political and social disturbances in the region, some recent and some stretching back for decades. Building on her research experience, Huda Zurayk will analyze how Arab women are managing to cope with their lives, their health, and the survival of their families in the midst of uncertainty, conflict, and resilience.

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My Country, My Hopes

In just 30 years, China has morphed from "factory of the world" to global superpower, spreading investment and influence throughout the developing world. Drawing on more than 40 years of distinguished public service, Anson Chan will analyze the opportunities and challenges for the United States–China relationship and share her hopes and concerns for her country’s future.

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Approaching Midnight: Taking Midnight’s Children from Book to Film

Deepa Mehta will discuss her recent work with Salman Rushdie to adapt his 1981 novel Midnight’s Children for the screen.

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