News from the
Schlesinger Library Winter 2022

A pile of colorful buttons advertising pro-life slogans
In order to tell a more complete history of women in America, the Schlesinger continues to its work to diversify its collections—not only demographically but also ideologically. The Sisters of Life recently chose the Schlesinger as the permanent home of their Joseph R. Stanton pro-life collection, 1966–2007, which documents the pro-life movement. It includes the political buttons seen here. Photo by Kevin Grady

"How are you holding up?"

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the question has become obligatory, and with it, the realization that we live in hard, historic times. Like everyplace else on earth, the Schlesinger Library has felt the strains of the pandemic: the burdens carried by our staff and our patrons, researchers whom we’ve labored mightily to support, consistently, through the spikes and valleys of these last two years.

Petrina Jackson looks to the distance in front of the Schlesinger Library building

The Library Welcomes a New Executive Director

A Q and A with Petrina D. Jackson

Get to know the Schlesinger's new Lia Gelin Poorvu Executive Director

Zooming the Archives

A sudden shift to digital learning challenges teaching from the Library’s collections—and offers opportunities for archival pedagogy.

What happened when COVID emptied out the Library
Dsc 3176 Schlesinger Seminar Room Photo Kevin Grady
A smiling Liz Hoveland poses outdoors in a Harvard T-shirt. The Rocky Mountains are visible far behind her.

A Woman's Place Is at the Convention

A Harvard College senior examines feminism within the Republican Party, 1972–1980.

Read about Liz Hoveland's research

Marketing Menstruation

A cocurator of Out for Blood previews the exhibition, which charts the 100-year path from marriage hygiene to menstrual equity.
From Zonite to safe menstrual products

In Process: Adrienne Kennedy Papers and Dorothy I. Height Papers

A sneak peek at two new collections—one from an acclaimed playwright, the other from a civil rights activist—currently being prepared for research.

What goes into preparing such collections?
Epehemera from the Adrienne Kennedy Papers, including photos, letters, diaries, theater programs and albums.
A composite of covers from the books featured in this article

Writing from the Library

Three scholars consult the Schlesinger Library archives to write nuanced histories of divorce, African American resilience, and sex education.

Read about recent books researched at the Library
Mira Nair, wearing a hat and sunglasses, looks through a lens on set.

Mira Nair Comes Full Circle with Donation of Archive

She credits the University with starting her in filmmaking as she adds to Schlesinger Library’s widening holdings from underrepresented voices.

Why Mira Nair chose the Schlesinger