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University of North Texas
Literature and the Question of Beauty

Evan Horowitz is an assistant professor of English at the University of North Texas who specializes in Victorian literature and culture.

His second book project, “Literature and the Question of Beauty,” develops a new theory of literary aesthetics. Emphasizing features that most distinguish literature from its sister arts—above all its lack of perceptual vividness and its affinity for abstract thought—“Literature and the Question of Beauty” argues that it is not beauty and pleasure, but rather ugliness and dissatisfaction that give literature its unique aesthetic power.

Horowitz has published articles in a number of leading journals—including Modernism/modernity, New Literary History, and Victorian Studies—and a first book manuscript, “Industrialism as Progress,” is currently under review by presses. He earned his PhD from Princeton University in 2006 and has been supported by major fellowships from the Josephine de Kármán Fellowship Trust, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Stanford Humanities Fellows Program, and the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation.

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Photo by Tony Rinaldo