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Vinod K. Jose

  • 2021–2022
  • Journalism & Nonfiction
  • Suzanne Young Murray Fellow
  • The Caravan Magazine (India)
Portrait of Vinod Jose
Photo by Shahid Tantray

Vinod K. Jose is the executive editor of the Caravan magazine, India's premier long-form magazine of narrative and investigative journalism.

During his fellowship, Jose is completing a nonfiction book that shows how the world’s largest democracy works. It will be the first book to chronicle the post-1991 history of India, and it will be structured and told through the lives of India’s 10 most important modern politicians—all larger-than-life characters from diverse religious, caste, and gender backgrounds.

Jose is an alumnus of Columbia Journalism School and has a PhD in sociology from Jamia Millia Islamia. Jose and his team have won several national and international awards for their political and cultural reportage. The Caravan’s reports have exposed numerous corruption scandals in India; many involving governments—of former prime minister Manmohan Singh and the current prime minister Narendra Modi—led to public-interest litigations. Before his time at the Caravan, Jose worked as a field producer in South Asia for American public radio stations, including Pacifica Radio and NPR, and he also was the editor-in-chief of the Malayalam-language publication Free Press.

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