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As a Radcliffe alumna, your educational experience was characterized by excellence and inquiry. Today, those values are perpetuated in the innovative, multidisciplinary work of the Radcliffe Institute.

Thank you for choosing to connect and reconnect with us.

We encourage you to stay involved by joining us at Radcliffe Institute events throughout the year, viewing event videos online, and signing up for e-mails that share our news and events. By following us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, you also can stay up-to-date with the Institute.

Connect with Classmates

Have something to share with your classmates? Contact your class secretary.

You can search for other alumnae/i, join a “shared interest group” (SIG) for alumnae, update your contact information, find your local club, and learn of upcoming events beyond those offered by the Radcliffe Institute at the Harvard Alumni website.

Find your classmates and friends in the Radcliffe Archives, where Radcliffe Quarterlys and Radcliffe College yearbooks have been digitized.

Reunion Giving

Your reunion gift to the Radcliffe Institute will support the important role of Radcliffe within the University and beyond, as well as the Institute’s commitment to the study of women, gender, and society. Learn more about giving.

Peruse the News

You can learn about the latest news and events at the Radcliffe Institute by reading our News & Ideas section--or by subscribing to our newslettter.

History of Radcliffe College

The story of the Institute cannot be told without that of Radcliffe College. You can find Radcliffe College: An Illustrated History and other information on our main History page. For deeper dive, we encourage you to explore the Patty Trustman Gelfman collection on the history of Radcliffe College, which provides detailed information about the presidents and academic leadership of Radcliffe College and the history of the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America.

Radcliffe College Alumnae Oral History Project

The Radcliffe College Alumnae Oral History Project, launched by the Radcliffe Club of San Francisco in 2019, documents the oral histories of more than 100 Radcliffe College alumnae. The recordings and transcripts will be archived at the Schlesinger Library, where they will be accessible to researchers, students, and scholars.

Currently the Oral History Project is collecting histories from the classes of 1963 through 1979. (Those from earlier classes are already being processed.) To support the cataloging and processing of these unique oral histories at the Schlesinger Library, you can donate to Radcliffe’s designated fund for this initiative.

Request Transcripts

If you are an alumna of a Radcliffe program, you may request a transcript.

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