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Spring/Summer 2022

A woman in profile, her head partly obscured by clouds and a serene lake scene in the background.
Running a household takes more than physical labor, and the researcher Allison Daminger is quantifying that mental load (see Who + Why, below). Image via AdobeStock
In the foreground, a rough square slab resembling stone. It's slick with water, which pools in its nooks and crannies.

The Sacred, Out of Context

Gala Porras-Kim’s most recent work gives new life to sacred objects. In this special video feature, learn more about how this wide-ranging exhibition came to be.

Bringing Rainwater into Byerly Hall

Radcliffe Day 2022 in Photos

For the first time in two years, the annual Radcliffe tradition returned in person to the bright green, finely honed spring of Radcliffe Yard.

Under the Tent Once More
Dsc3158 Medalist Conversation Minow Ifill Tony Rinaldo

Our Failing Carceral Systems

Reimagining Safety and Justice

Incarceration in the United States has reached crisis levels. In this first installment of an ongoing series, an explainer on US incarceration trends, we explore how we got here and what we can do about it.

America's Staggering Carceral Problem

The Prison as Petri Dish

COVID-19 has ravaged US prisons, but health care within the correctional system was broken before the pandemic—which puts more than the imprisoned at risk.

Healthcare and Incarceration

Rethinking Incarceration

Putting offenders in prison isn’t the only way to reduce harm and violence, argue prison abolitionists. They offer alternative solutions.

What Is Prison Abolition?
A view of Harvard College with what is now Massachusetts Avenue in foreground, and college buildings including Massachusetts Hall with the inscription: caption: A Prospect of the Colledges in Cambridge in New England

Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery

On April 26, 2022, Harvard President Larry Bacow released the Report of the Committee on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery, accepted the committee’s recommendations in full, and announced a historic commitment of $100 million to fund their implementation.

Explore the Website and Read the Report

Who + Why

01 / 03
A man, in profile, types on a laptop as the sun streams in the window.

The Ache Beneath

The writer Lysley Tenorio seeks to better understand the complexities of Filipino identity at home and abroad.

Read about Tenorio's Work in Progress


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A geometric painting by Judith Seligson


In Newsmakers, read about the extraordinary achievements of Radcliffe alumnae, faculty, and fellows—including awards, publications, and other accomplishments.

Spring/Summer 2022