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Women of the Blackwell Family

Women of the Blackwell Family

July 5, 2016 to October 21, 2016

The Blackwells were a multigenerational family of abolitionists, entrepreneurs, educators, musicians, doctors, writers, expatriates, suffrage supporters, and women’s rights activists. The family was characterized not only by their ideals, but also by strong personalities and complex relationships. This exhibition focuses on seven women of the Blackwell family from 1830 to 1950.

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[Schlesinger Library Blackwell Family Papers Digital Collection]

New Blackwell Family Digital Suite

The Schlesinger Library is pleased to announce the opening of the Blackwell Family Digital Suite for the online delivery of the Blackwell Family Papers.

Picks & Finds

[Political caricature by Anita Parkhurst Willcox, 1936. Courtesy of Schlesinger Library]

Anita Parkhurst Willcox: The New American Woman and the Red Scare

During the 1910s and 1920s, Anita Parkhurst Willcox (1892–1984) created numerous images of the “New American Woman”—idealized images of young, fashionable, beautiful women. Her artwork appeared in the Saturday Evening PostCollier’s, and other magazines.

[Transgender button, 2014. Memorabilia collection. Courtesy of Schlesinger Library]

What's Your Pronoun?

Transgender people and activists, as well as those who feel they don't fit neatly into a gender binary, have questioned the use of gendered pronouns in the English language and shifted public awareness and conversation on the topic.