Current Exhibition

Until Safety Is Guaranteed

Until Safety Is Guaranteed: Women and the Fight against Violence

April 6, 2015 to August 14, 2015

This exhibition provides historical evidence on the topic of gender violence and documents the experiences of women who have survived domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Inside the Collections

[Members of the Blackwell family in Martha’s Vineyard, ca. 1906. Courtesy of the Schlesinger Library,   Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, Collection Number: MC 411]

Those Extraordinary Blackwells: Leaders of Social Reform in 19th- and 20th-Century America

In January 2013, the Schlesinger Library received a grant from the National Historic Publications and Records Commission to digitize its archival collections of the Blackwell family. The holdings contain close to 120,000 pages spread over five collections and spanning almost 200 years (1784–1981).

Picks & Finds

Cartoon from unknown newspaper featuring Ogarita Booth, November 14, 1976.

Izola Forrester's Memoir, This One Mad Act: The Unknown Story of John Wilkes Booth and His Family by His Granddaughter

Almost from the moment of President Lincoln's assassination, questions began to circulate about John Wilkes Booth.  Was he acting on his own or was he directed by Confederate leaders seeking revenge for their defeat in the Civil War?  Was the man killed at Garrett's Farm really Booth, or did he escape and assume another identity?  While these questions have been debated by the descendants of Martha Lizola Mills, they have also debated a more personal question: is John Wilkes Booth their ancestor?

[Postcard with hair attached to portrait (detail), ca.1900. Ames family historical collection]

Tokens of Eternal Life: Locks of Hair in Collections

The Schlesinger Library’s manuscript collections often contain many different types of materials, from correspondence and diaries, to photographs and film. A few collections also contain more distinctive objects, such as keepsakes of locks of hair.