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Ann Maria Davison

The recently digitized writings of Ann Maria Davison (1783–1871)six diaries (1847–1860) and the manuscript of an antislavery tractare the work of an educated, articulate, and devoutly religious Southern woman who was unequivocal in her criticism of slavery. 

Picks & Finds

[July 1972 inaugural issue of Ms. Courtesy of Schlesinger Library]

Behind the Scenes at Magazines

How do "ordinary women" describe their lives, construct identity, experience, and participate in mass media and culture? How can historians learn about the lived experience of most women, whose lives are outside of the public eye? One approach is to examine letters written to trusted magazines.

[That Takes Ovaries: Bold Females and Their Brazen Acts book jacket, 2004. Courtesy of Schlesinger Library]

Deconstructing That Takes Ovaries

That Takes Ovaries: Bold Women and Their Brazen Acts is a book, a play, an "open-mic" movement, a nonprofit organization dedicated to issues of women’s equality and empowerment, and now a digital collection at the Schlesinger Library.