Current Exhibition

Angela Davis: Freed by the People

Angela Davis: Freed by the People

September 20, 2019 to March 9, 2020

Angela Davis's work asks questions that stem from racial oppression: Is revolution possible? Can women be emancipated? Are prisons necessary?

This exhibition documents a global history, a personal journey, and a quest for a more equitable future.

Picks & Finds

[Marguerite Stark Bellamy and John Stark Bellamy, 1910. Courtesy of Schlesinger Library]

A Stark Reminder for Polio Awareness Month

One of the aims of the Schlesinger Library is to document the lives of "ordinary" women. Among the thousands of diaries and letters of these women, we find wrenching stories of illnesses striking families and communities, like that of the Stark family afflicted with polio.

[Illustration source: Viatorium Spagyricum : das ist: ein. Science Museum Group Collection by Herbrandt Jamsthalern, page 75]

Looking for the Philosopher’s Stone at the Schlesinger

The Schlesinger Library is working to tackle digital obsolescence problems, so that in 50 years or more, users should still be able to access the contents of a digital file created today.